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February 2007
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peegurrl [userpic]
screw you

Dear FF get fucked i wish you would die so i could be normal. all you do is drag me back and make me hate my life even more.I should be a happy person i live in the city i could go make friends but i can not be bothered with those mcr , paris hickton c*nts.I guess i'll just lie here and forget the world like in that Snow Patrol song oh but wait nobodys there to lie with me their in bloody kentucky.Of course i had to be born in the most isolated city in the world.So get fucked for real stick a knife up your male C*nt. i want you to die kill Bowie go on.... Kill Jagger kill anyone that means anything to me since i am so worthless now


Sorry you're feeling like this :( maybe someday soon you'll find someone to lie there with and just forget about the nasty world ♥