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February 2007
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peegurrl [userpic]
Outspoken AGAIN

why do i always dig myelf into a big whole by being un-pc .i have no idea its like i want that attention but i hate myself afterwards.And i always think im right and the other person or people are brainless.This is selfish and horrible.therefore i am a yucky person.

religion bashing,girl bitching , being a bitch in general yeah i've done it all.because i am a selfish nut case who becomes deluded with narcicsm.

Then i start thinking why cant i just be the queen and slap you all let you eat cake.Because I am selfish and a two bolt-c*nt.
i have aklways been outspoken about my views and why others are mostly shit because i am an arrogant asswipe who dosent care about anyone or even herself.

its like when courtney sings "im so high i cannot talk and im so high" its like being stoned out of your mind and thinking you rule the world or can fly or some bullshit.

people think im sweet and caring i am not i am pure fucking evil and manipulative.

anyway end of rant.

cut me all to pieces with your bible belt.