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February 2007
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peegurrl [userpic]
things get nasty

this is so stupid its like a divorce now anybody that likes zfucker ignores me or hates me or trys to get me banned from a certain forum where i have every right to  be at.fucking kate i've written poems with beat me till im beautiful in them for ages and now i get the big no-no.rude cunts.how dare he take things from me.... go on you big baby wallow in your misery fall down and die.


Wow. You know, I thought you were going to be mature about it. I never fought with you, and never wanted anything bad to happen to you, never wanted anyone to not like you because of what happened, yet you blamed me for all of it. I haven't taken shit from you, Lauren. As I recall, it was you that quote "wanted to fuck ten guys" and dumped me because you wanted to "be free". If that's your idea of being free, getting drunk and fucking everything with a dick, then I wish I never had met you. How dare you insult me like that.

Don't bother responding, IMing me, emailing me, or any of that shit, Lauren, I have taken great lengths to ensure that you are blocked from every aspect of talking to me that there is. You are out of my life now, and permanently. I'm glad you're gone. You're rude, insensitive, and the kind of person that it was a mistake to ever have spoken with in the first place.

Fuck you.


Did you hear? Russian agressor attacks USA...
More info here: hotusanewx.blogspot.com


Hello! :) You have my old LJ added: dollspit. Just thought I'd tell you this is now my journal. If you want, you can add me, but comment on my friends only entry, so I'll know you added me. Thanks!

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