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February 2007
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peegurrl [userpic]

Dear FF
This comment fucking outraged me today some guy said it on a message board what a dickhead!Here it is:
I just got home from an 8 hour drive so I know this is going to come out wrong because its 5 am but here goes nothing... Personally I don't believe girls voices belong in Rock, punk, or metal music ... they just don't have the right tone or drive that is needed in a vocalist to carry the harmony and stay in the same tune as the instruments. Sure they can be in bands but maybe a different genre could be created... like.... PussyRock? lol i dunno hah

motherfucker... this is why girls need to be in bands to trample over "PussyRock" and become fixtures in the scene.
this really brought out the rock n roll feminist in me.

anyway i couldnt go to weight watchers since i didnt have my 33 dollars i only had 25 maybe next week ...I have counselling and a school appointment tomorrow so we'll see how that goes.

anyway bye for now my lovelies!


What an asshole. I hope that was on KR and not VR!

hah. people like that make me love courtney even more. she'd kick him in the balls without thinking twice..actually, i would too.