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hi my lovelies
i'll be in sydney for the week

shopping :D :D :D

take care all xxx

Current Music: Piss Factory-Patti Smith

So i'm at home no party everyone i know is out getting wasted NO FAIR .I'm listening to drunken family members sing Kareoke oh joy!


Waiting for Zach wish the asshole would harry up :P no offence to him but i wantr you now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

listening to clover interviews. i am really borrrrrrrrred !!!!

Dear FF
so i sit here it's 9 am the cat and dog are snarling at eachother so i separated them , mums at work THANK GOD !!! whose line is it anyway is on and i feel oh so very borred.Reading Break It Up has beem very empowering for me masturbation is the key XD

patti is so amazing i'm addicted to Horses,Easter and Piss Factory."We are all under the belly of the milky way" i love the way she emulates such despair but such hope.I hope my secret santa arrives :/ . I want it gimme gimme gimme!!! There Is NO MILK !!!


no seriously there isnt and if your not a Hole fan you didnt get that XD .

heres me with some crazy eyes


My new dresses!

Dear Diary

I never thought anyone would love me but they do i dont know if i deserve it but they love me!I dont want this to fade away everr.

Current Music: Doll Parts by Hole

Dear diary
love is so great isnt it.My boyfriend's gorgeous i love him.This entry is going to annoy everybody bwahahah!
I never thought i'd love someone more than I loved Daniel whatever his name but i do!I never thought i'd get over him but i think i just did , Shane motherf*cker was just a fill-in i guess he never loved me I never loved him.Stupid blink 182 groupies always surrounding us and he went off with one hope your happy ASSHOLE! As for daniel I'll always love him but he f*ckin destroyed me.Zach will never destroy me i love him unconditionally.

Current Location: Perth
Current Mood: giddygiddy
Current Music: Jennifer's body by hole,Just Do It by Hole

Dont you hate time differences I lose a fucking hour because we dont have daylight savings in western australia grrrrrr!

dEar Diary
im so happy i have someone who loves me ;D.happy happy joy joy.

Current Music: Sugar Coma by Hole

I had a great time in Fremantle today :).I went op shopping and to a used cd's store.I found these Mary Janes they were so cute! but they didnt fit i'm a size 7 not a size 5 :(.I bought two Cd's The velvet underground's best of and Iggy Pop Live in Holland.I watched America's Next Top Model gotta love that show. ;)I had counselling today went well .

I feel happy for once *insert sarcasm here*

Bye (L) from Lauren

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